11 Amazing Marvel Avengers Endgame Facts : 2019

Marvel Recently rolled out the latest Movie “Avengers : Endgame and peope are seen enjoying the longest MCU movie yet which shows the Fate of Thanos who destroyed half of the Universe in the Previous edition of Avengers(Infinity War).Most of you might know some of these facts but check them out to see if they fascinate you.

1.) Longest Marvel movie

Source : Forbes.com
  • The Run Time for Marvel’s Latest Movie “Avengers :Endgame” is Three hours and two minutes,which Equals to 182 minutes in total.So this is the Longest Movie from Marvel Studios Till Date.So Don’t forget to grab a huge tub of popcorn before starting the movie.

2.) 22nd Film of Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • Before Avengers Endgame ,Marvel has rolled out 21 Films in total,some of them are mentioned below:

3.) First Hollywood Film to be completely shot with IMAX Cameras.

  • This movie is the first movie to be completely Shot using IMAX 2D Cameras.Might have been a bit difficult for the Russo Broters to film it this way.

Did you watch the movie in IMAX?

4.) “We’re in the Endgame now”

  • Dr.Strange(Benedict Cumberbatch) mentioned the Title of the next Movie in the Previous Edition of the Movie “Avengers Infinity war” in a Phrase “We’re in the Endgame now”. If u are a true MCU fan then you might have already noticed this.

5.) Let’s talk about Money

  • Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans made a whooping amount of $15 Million for “Avengers Endgame”.Yup you heard it right,$15 Million for one single Movie.That’s a lot isn’t it?

6.) MCU is a bit Superstitious

  • The original release date of the film was May 3, 2019. Because of the massive success of the opening of Avengers: Infinity War (2018) in the last full week of April, MCU became superstitious. Now you know why Endgame released earlier than expected.

7.) Jarvis

  • In Endgame you might Remember the flashback of Tony meeting his Father Howard Stark and his Butler named “Jarvis”.In the Comics “Jarvis” is portrayed as a Family Butler for the Starks and not a AI who turns into Vision as shown in the film.

8.)Hurricane IRMA

  • The shooting of the latest MCU movie was temporarily shut down on September 11, 2017 because of the Hurricane Irma.The shooting was later Resumed after Clearance.Might have been Tough for the Directors and the Cast/Crew.

9.)Bye Bye Infinity Stones

  • As per the Sources this is the Last Marvel Movie which will include the Appearance of the Infinity Stones Onscreen.Farewell.

10.) Hulk and Ant-man

  • The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) & the Ant-man(Paul Rudd) have shared the screen toghether in a MCU movie for the first time.

11.) $2 Billlion Dollars in 11 Days

  • Avengers Endgame was Predicted to Earn a couple of billion USD but who knew it would Reach that Mark so soon.The film managed to reach the $2 Billion mark on its 11th day of release,shattering the record of Avatar which took 47 days to reach the same mark.

What do you think about Avengers Endgame?

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