Indian Meme Calender (2018)-Top Meme Trends

MEMES are nowadays found on each and every topic but among those few topics receive much more attention than the others.Year 2018 was a great year for Meme trends.MOre Specially Indian Memes.

Indian Meme trends were Hilarious and few also were Cringe-worthy.

Let’s take a look at the Indian Meme Calender of 2018 in an Ascending order according to the months.


The first meme material of the year 2018 was the Speech of Anant Ambani at Reliance 40 Years Celebration. His Facial expressions and Agressive Talking Style Provided Memers with the first meme material for the year and a lot of memes were spread on internet.

Let’s take a look at some hilarious memes on this topic.


Now February wasn’t something Cringy or Hilarious by origin but it was made funny by the People on the Internet.The Second Meme Material of the Year 2018 was “Priya Prakash Varrier’s” Wink that took the internet by the storm and a loads of memes rolled out prior the Video went viral.

So let’s take a look at some Hilarious Memes made on this particular Topic.


Meme material that went viral during March was Thanos (Avengers-Infinity War).All the possible topics were bought up and a loads of memes were made in reference of thanos.

Let’s take a look at few of them,


The First Bollywood Movie of 2018 which Provided a Plenty of Meme material was none other than Salman Khan Starring “Race 3”.

Memes on Race 3 flooded the internet during the month of April,more specifically the dialogue by Daisy Shah “Our business is our business,none of your business”.

Let’s take a look at few hilarious memes on Race 3,

5.) MAY

The fifth month of 2018 was something not expected as the meme material that went viral during that period was Sanjay Dutt Starrer Munna Bhai MBBS that was released around 15 years ago.

The dialogue from the movie which created havoc was, “Vo bahar casualty me koi marne ki halat me raha,to usko form bharna zaruri hai kya”.

Let’s take a look at memes in reference with this dialogue…

6.) JUNE

Now this one was a bit Cringy Meme material which went viral During June.

The origin of this was a video where a woman uploaded a Video where she just said “Hello Friends Chai pi lo” in a weird/Cringy way that just grabbed everyone’s attention and in no time memes were made in every possible way in reference to this topic.

Let’s take a look at some memes on this topic,

Can u guess?


7.) JULY

Why leave politics behind in the meme game and Rahul Gandhi never dissappoints us when it comes to providing meme material.

Back in July Rahul Gandhi Hugged Prime minister Narendra Modi and it gave a very good chance for people to make some hilarous memes in reference to this.Also a picture where he winked in the Parliament went viral and gave another topic for memes.

Let’s look at some of those,

Buzzfeed india(


Sacred games was the topic that made the biggest noise both in terms of entertainment and in the meme game.

The Abusive Language and the catchy dialouges were the reason the memes created a havoc during August .

Lets take a look at some of the best Sacred Games MEmes,


(credits :


Anushka sharma helped memers by providing meme material through her expressions in her movie with Varun Dhawan “Sui Dhaga”

This specific Meme topic was involved with lot of creativity,you’ll understand while taking a look at some of them.

So let’s take a look at few of those memes,


Indian Meme that went viral during october wasbecause of a UP police official who shouted “Thain Thain” to make Gunshot sound to scare the Acused.

Let’s see some memes on this topic,

(jokes ki duniya)


In November Deepika and Ranveer Singh got Married and that was enough for the Memers out there to put up Hilarious content in reference to this Occassion.

Let’s Take a look at some of those Memes,


The contribution in the last month was done by Amazon Orginal Series “MIRZAPUR”.

Just like Sacred Games Abusive Language and Catchy Dialouges Were the Reason Memes were made on this Topic.

Click below to check out Mirzapur memes

Now that was a brief recap to the Meme Calender of 2018,Let’s see what 2019 Serves.

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